About Us

Nzuri is the Umoja Community Inspired Literary and Arts Journal of Coastline College

Coastline College is a leader in innovative learning located in Orange County, California.

The Meaning of Nzuri

Nzuri (meaning beautiful/ fine in Swahili) is Coastline College's open access journal created to promote artistic, creative, and scholarly work consistent with the values of Umoja community. Nzuri Journal is purposed to be responsive to experiences related to the legacy and kindredship of the African and African American diasporas.

 Find out more about Umoja at UmojaCommunity.org

Nzuri Journal's Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Marilyn Brock, Ph.D., Ed.D. is a Professor of English at Coastline College and member of the Umoja Advisory Board.